LIST: if you like these violent delights

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As you well know, These Violent Delights is one of my favorite duologies of all time, and I’m still crying over Our Violent Ends. And next week, everyone gets to experience the pain that is book two! In preparation of Our Violent Ends‘s release date, I thought I’d celebrate by giving some book recommendations, especially as it’s been more than a full year since I’ve done an “if you like” book rec post. So, if you’ve already read Our Violent Ends or are still waiting for it, here are some book recommendations that I think you’ll like if you love These Violent Delights!

I’m doing something a little different in this post; there are still quizzes for you to take to narrow down your choices, but the recs and quizzes are split between the six main characters of the series. The books are all fairly similar to These Violent Delights in terms of vibes / character dynamics if not plot.

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LIST: if you like v.e. schwab


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “if you like” book rec posts, so we were definitely due for one! This theme was suggested to me on Twitter (I’m so sorry, I can’t remember who suggested it) and I thought it would be interesting to do an author rather than a book / series like the previous posts. So without further ado, here’s a book recommendations post for if you like V.E. / Victoria Schwab’s books!

Since she has so many different books with such different themes, I split this list into themes based on each different book/series. She also writes for both young adult and adult age ranges, so I tried to recommend books for both age ranges! These are noted under each book.

As usual, I made a bunch of quizzes for you to take to narrow down your choices! Check them out below.

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LIST: if you like the lunar chronicles


Hello, hello, it’s been a bit since I’ve done one of these but I’m back with more book recommendations! Here’s a list of 34 total books for if you like the Lunar Chronicles.

UPDATE: I now have quizzes for you to take to see which book you should read! There is a quiz per section, so take whichever one interests you. Check them out below!

If you want more Asian protagonists in SFF, I have a whole list of books written by Asian authors here.

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LIST: if you like six of crows

I’ve actually written this post two times previously, in a similar (but shorter) list here and a list of books for all six crows here. I thought it was time to write a new list for more recs! Here’s a list of 50+ books for if you like Six of Crows.

Some of these books fit into more than one category, and I have also tried to list representation and content/trigger warnings as needed. Please keep in mind that I have a faulty memory, so some representation or content/trigger warnings are not written here. UPDATE: there are more quizzes for you to take to narrow down your choices!

Note that when I recommend these books, don’t expect the exact same book. They’re all different; I recommend these because I think you’ll like them, not because they’re the same book. (Particularly The Gilded Wolves; I wrote a whole post about that.)

I update this post somewhat frequently and add recommendations all of the time!

This post was last updated: January 14, 2022.

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LIST: if you like to all the boys i’ve loved before

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With the P.S. I Still Love You film somewhere on the horizon, I thought it was time to do another IF YOU LIKE post, this time with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! I adore TATBILB for many reasons, and these are books that I loved for some of the same reasons. Some of these fit into more than one category, just so you know, and I’ve tried to list representation as needed.

There’s a quiz for each category so you can narrow down your choices!

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LIST: if you like… popular sff books edition

originally posted here

Have you been looking for something new to read? Something to add to your (I’m sure) never-ending tbr pile? Well, look no further because I have the list for you. Here’s a list of book recs based on popular science fiction/fantasy YA novels.

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LIST: if you like the shadow and bone trilogy

With a return to the Grishaverse through the release of King of Scars this year, I thought it was appropriate to make a post with a list of book recommendations for if you like the Shadow and Bone trilogy! This is a rather lengthy list, but I couldn’t stop myself from recommending some amazing books.

EDIT: There is now a quiz per section! Be sure to take each one to narrow down your choices. Also, I update this post regularly with new recommendations!

This post was last updated January 27, 2021.

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LIST: if you like the cruel prince

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Happy release day to The Wicked King! I first read it last July (don’t forget to check out my review!) and honestly…I’m still not over it. If you’re like me and you can’t stop thinking about this book, or if you just really like this series, I have just the rec list to cure the pain you’re going through (okay, lessen it just a little bit?)! Here’s a whole list of book recommendations if you like The Cruel Prince, separated by different aspects of the book, depending on what you love most about this series!

And bonus! I made a quiz for you to take if you can’t decide which book to pick because they’re all so good (I personally vouch for all of them if that makes a difference!). Take the quiz first and come back here for more information about your result, or read the whole list and take it to narrow down your choices, it doesn’t matter. Check the quiz and the rest of the post out below!

this post was last updated: July 31, 2022

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LIST: if you like Asian SFF…

Here’s a list of YA fantasy and science fiction novels by Asian authors!! Note that some of these authors write about their own culture and some have been inspired by others, but this doesn’t necessarily diminish their works! Also, these books are ones that I’ve read or have heard of, so this is not a complete list. Feel free to send me some recs!

This is a list of mostly YA books, with a few MG and adult books sprinkled in. These will be noted!

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