DISCUSSION: my bts playlists

Hello, are we all streaming Jack in the Box? I’ve been making a lot of BTS playlists lately, and I just wanted to compile all of them in one post. I think they’re great for discovering new music or getting into BTS or just for something to play in the background, if I may say so myself. Give them a listen, and let me know what you think! 💜😁

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DISCUSSION: bts lyric parallels (pt. 2: dreams)

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Happy Festa, ARMYs! Have you been watching the “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” music video? And streaming Proof? To celebrate BTS’s ninth anniversary (wow), I finally sat down and wrote the second post in the BTS lyric parallels series! You can read the first part (focusing on the “extended hands” motif) here. For this post, I decided to focus on “dreams,” both meaning ambition and fantasy, within BTS’s discography.

As in the last post, I also made some graphics to go with some of the parallels, and I’m really proud of them! Be sure to check them all out throughout this post. I was on a bit of a time-crunch writing this post, so it’s not as long as I initially intended but I’m still really happy with how it all came out. Hope you enjoy it!

Earlier this year, I finally wrote the part two to the “BTS songs + books” book rec list if you’re more interested in my book-ish stuff. You can also view my “bangtan” tag to see all my other BTS-related posts.

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SONG SATURDAY: bts songs + books (pt. 2)

Hello, we are back with another BTS songs + books post! I truly did not mean for almost an entire year (which. how has it been a year) to pass in between posts, but we’ll just say this one has been a long time coming. I have no idea when part 3 will be out at this point, but I definitely have plans to continue this series of posts!

This post also falls under my “song saturday” posts, where I pair books with a song. You can also view my other BTS-related posts (mostly non-bookish) here! If you liked this post and want to see more, don’t forget to follow me (in the sidebar or at the bottom of this post).

I think this set of book rec pairings came out a little happier than part one, just by nature of the songs. For like 3-4 of these, in particular, I could write whole essays about why this song pairs with this book; that’s how strongly I feel about some of these recs lmao. Anyways, here is a list of books paired with BTS songs!

Lyric translations are taken from Doolset Lyrics and BTS-Trans/Bangtan Subs.

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DISCUSSION: bts seasons playlists

Hello, I am back with another self-indulgent post that is not bookish in the slightest and instead entirely has to do with BTS! This idea popped into my head a few weeks ago and it wouldn’t leave until I implemented it. Here are my BTS playlists for every season!

I tried to cut the playlists down to 25 songs each but I couldn’t, so we’ll just let that extra song be a little treat. Also, each season playlist has a narrative (well, summer doesn’t really, but more on that later) but there are some songs that are kinda just there for vibes. Every playlist segues into the next season, wrapping around from winter to spring as well.

you’re my summer, autumn, winter, and every spring

(lyrics from “Ma City”)

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DISCUSSION: bts lyric parallels (pt. 1: extended hands)

bts lyric parallels (pt. 1: extended hands) banner

Happy Festa! Are you streaming “Butter”? To celebrate BTS’s eighth anniversary, I’m launching a new post series: BTS lyric parallels! Today, I’ll be examining songs with the “extended hands” motif, which falls under five different themes: distance, temptation, human contact, lifeline / anchor, and love / destiny.

This is my first post on my blog that’s not even remotely book-related, so sorry if that’s why you follow me. I originally was going to write this as a twitter thread but it got too long, and I wanted it somewhere where I could more easily format and keep for posterity. If you want more BTS and books content, I wrote two posts where I matched up a few of their songs with books: part 1 here and part 2 here.

EDIT (6/13/22): The second post in this series, focusing on “dreams,” is now up! Check it out here. You can also check out my BTS tag here.

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SONG SATURDAY: bts songs + books (pt. 1)

bts songs + books (pt. 1) banner

After I opened a Q&A form for my blogiversary, a lot of people asked me to pair BTS songs with books! I actually had this idea a while back, but I didn’t think I could do it well enough because so many of their songs have such a personal message. However, I decided to give it a shot since there was interest and here we are.

I’m actually really proud of how this post turned out! I’m not sure why I didn’t think I could do this post honestly; I was putting this together and was like, wow I’m a genius. This post is a continuation of my “song saturday” posts, where I pair books with a song.

This is part one in a planned series of posts although it might be a while till I do another one of these. Part two is in the works but I want to be able to read more books that’ll match the songs so it’ll take some time! Also, some of these pairs are less about the exact lyrical message and more about the vibes. That being said, here’s a list of books paired with BTS songs!

Lyric translations are taken from Doolset Lyrics.

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