DISCUSSION: my bts playlists

Hello, are we all streaming Jack in the Box? I’ve been making a lot of BTS playlists lately, and I just wanted to compile all of them in one post. I think they’re great for discovering new music or getting into BTS or just for something to play in the background, if I may say so myself. Give them a listen, and let me know what you think! 💜😁

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DISCUSSION: a playlist for violet made of thorns

a playlist for violet made of thorns banner

Violet Made of Thorns is one of my favorite releases of the year and one of my favorite books ever. It’s out in the world today, so to celebrate its release date, I wanted to share my playlist for it! You can read my review of it here.

This playlist is a little all over the place honestly, but I nailed down central themes of desire (and what comes out of it) and destiny (and defying it). Since the book has literally just come out, I tried not to spoil anything, which left my descriptions for each song a little repetitive. Whether you’ve read the book yet or are putting this on while reading, I hope you enjoy this playlist!

(You can listen to all my bookish playlists here.)

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DISCUSSION: bts lyric parallels (pt. 2: dreams)

bts lyric parallels (pt. 2: dreams) banner

Happy Festa, ARMYs! Have you been watching the “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” music video? And streaming Proof? To celebrate BTS’s ninth anniversary (wow), I finally sat down and wrote the second post in the BTS lyric parallels series! You can read the first part (focusing on the “extended hands” motif) here. For this post, I decided to focus on “dreams,” both meaning ambition and fantasy, within BTS’s discography.

As in the last post, I also made some graphics to go with some of the parallels, and I’m really proud of them! Be sure to check them all out throughout this post. I was on a bit of a time-crunch writing this post, so it’s not as long as I initially intended but I’m still really happy with how it all came out. Hope you enjoy it!

Earlier this year, I finally wrote the part two to the “BTS songs + books” book rec list if you’re more interested in my book-ish stuff. You can also view my “bangtan” tag to see all my other BTS-related posts.

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DISCUSSION: I reread favorite books from 2017 (pt. 1)

i reread my favorite books from 2017 (pt. 1) banner

A few months ago, I was looking through the books I brought with me to college because I felt like reading a physical book. For whatever reason, I had chosen to bring The Epic Crush of Genie Lo and was like, why not? In the middle of rereading it, I suddenly had the idea to write this post: rereading some of my favorite books from 2017. (Also, if you didn’t know, the banner is a throwback to the theme I used in my old blog! I don’t think this is the theme I was specifically using 5 years ago, but that’s lost to time at this point rip.)

I also wrote another “these books are 5 years old” post, and like I mentioned there, I had a lot more memories of the releases this year since I had started blogging then. If you haven’t seen, this year marks my fifth year of blogging. I wasn’t able to do as much as I really wanted back in March because I was busy for school, so this felt like a nice way to celebrate it, if a little late. So, rereading some my favorites from this year felt like a special way to honor this blogiversary.

Of course, if you’ve been reading my posts for the past year or so, my motivation to read is at an all-time low now. I initially resisted going along with this post idea because, as the tweet below says, I just could not commit to a TBR list (and honestly never have been able to, other than keeping up with my ARC release dates).

I chose 7 books in total for this post, and no surprise, I was unable to read all of them in a comfortable amount of time before this post went up. (I don’t like writing posts all the way up till it’s posted; it stresses me out. I’m writing this about two weeks before it’s up btw.) Between my busy schedule, catching up on other blog posts, and putting together the 2022 ya lgbtq+ releases list, I just didn’t think I could finish all 7 books before the post was supposed to go up, so look out for part 2 sometime in the near future!

Part of this post was rereading my old reviews from 2017 and comparing them to my thoughts today. I’ll be the first to admit that it was so cringey…but they definitely had more personality than what I’m doing now lol. Whether that’s original personality or I was just trying to be ~quirky (hey, I was young okay) remains to be seen though. The 2017 reviews were a lot more stream of consciousness anyways, which makes sense because I was just getting started in reviewing and in my blog. Hope you enjoy this post (and please don’t judge my 2017 reviews 😭)!

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DISCUSSION: these books are 5 years old: 2022 edition

While writing last year’s “these books are 5 years old” and this year’s “these books are 10 years old” posts, I knew that writing the five year old post for this year would be so, so painful. However, I still wasn’t prepared for it. This year also was my five-year blogiversary, so there were a lot more books that I had memories of.

It’s been five years since 2017, which I feel like was the boom of YA as we know it today. I haven’t read all of these books but I’ve pretty much heard enough about some of them or I couldn’t get through them. I couldn’t even include every book I recognized because this list got very out-of-hand, very quickly. So without further ado, here are a list of 100 YA books that are now 5 years old!

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DISCUSSION: books + songs of the day

I’ve written a post on songs that I associate with books but it’s 3+ years old at this point (read it here). A couple of years ago, I started including songs in some of my reviews that I really felt fit the book. I wanted to point out a few of my favorite song and book pairings and discuss why I chose a certain song for each book.

You can always see all of these and more in my “song of the day (sotd)” tag.
And check out more of my song and book pairings posts here!

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DISCUSSION: five years of magical reads

Okay, I know that I am always like “HOW has it been x years since y thing” about pretty much everything (time is fake, okay??), but seriously, five years of my blog seems particularly unreal to me. For one thing, the past two years have really seemed like a time-wash, despite everything I’ve done here. Five years also just inherently feels like an important and special milestone, one that I’ve never thought about reaching, so I can’t believe I’ve been regularly posting on this blog for so long.

Like last year’s post, I decided to do a Q&A post again! I got fewer questions this time, which is fine because I didn’t have time to write this post until late. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions! I had a lot of fun answering them (and of course, managed to bring BTS and TXT into it as expected). I also shared my favorite posts from the past year as usual and decided to share my favorite posts that I’ve written over the past five years too since it’s a special blogiversary this year! Check out all of this below.

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DISCUSSION: these books are 10 years old: 2022 edition

We’re not even two weeks into the new year, but I am here to rudely remind you that 2012 was 10 years ago. And you know what that means…so many YA “classics” are now 10 years old, as well! Who else remembers the 2012 YA dystopian craze, and who else feels incredibly old now?

Last year, I wrote the same post but for 2011 books. Since I started reading YA around 2011, I was more aware of the releases in 2012, and this list is about twice the size as last year’s. These are just the books that I remember (there are far more books that came out 10 years ago), but here’s a very long list of YA books that are now 10 years old!

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DISCUSSION: 2021 disappointments, dnfs, and surprises

I usually don’t share my disappointments and dnfs (although those can be seen on my dnf shelf on goodreads), but I was feeling a bit transparent this year, I guess. I try not to dwell on books I didn’t love or didn’t love as much as I expected. So, to offset this, I’m also sharing some books that surprised me this year! Here are my disappointing reads, books I did not finish, and stories that surprised me this year.

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DISCUSSION: bts seasons playlists

Hello, I am back with another self-indulgent post that is not bookish in the slightest and instead entirely has to do with BTS! This idea popped into my head a few weeks ago and it wouldn’t leave until I implemented it. Here are my BTS playlists for every season!

I tried to cut the playlists down to 25 songs each but I couldn’t, so we’ll just let that extra song be a little treat. Also, each season playlist has a narrative (well, summer doesn’t really, but more on that later) but there are some songs that are kinda just there for vibes. Every playlist segues into the next season, wrapping around from winter to spring as well.

you’re my summer, autumn, winter, and every spring

(lyrics from “Ma City”)

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