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Hi! My name is Michelle, and this is my book blog. Here I post book reviews, book recommendations, and other miscellaneous book-ish things. I am pretty busy with school, but I schedule my posts out well in advance. I post 2-4 times a week!

A little more about me: I love fantasy and contemporary! I become wayyy too attached to certain books and characters, so I could never choose a favorite book, or even a favorite series. Right now, I couldn’t even tell you my favorite character! There are just too many to name.

Reading is my favorite hobby, but I also play the piano and watch a lot of TV. My first years as a reader, I mostly read fantasy, and like millions of other people, I grew up with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, so I’ve always loved magic. Hence: magical reads, the name of my blog! (Also, I wanted something to start with an M because all of my other social media starts with an M as well.)

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This blog was launched on March 24, 2017 originally here.

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