DISCUSSION: I react to your (un)popular opinions

After racking my brain for ideas for a new discussion post, I eventually started scrolling through tumblr. I ended up in my “ask games” tag, which, if you don’t know, were “games” where people would send you asks and you’d answer them or react a certain way. That’s a horrible description but I feel like it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Anyways, I ended up with this as a post: tell me your (un)popular opinions and I’ll tell you whether or not I agree! Specifically (and shout out to whoever wrote the original post), I’ll answer on a strongly agree to a strongly disagree scale.

it’s time book twitter got over the “”big three”” they’re just not that good

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This was an anonymous form but I know who sent this and therefore know what they meant by the “big three” lmao (Six of Crows, The Cruel Prince, A Court of Thorns and Roses, or really any big series). I definitely agree that book twitter has begun to form their entire personalities around one book/series, which is totally fine! I used to do the same! But I’m begging you, please, read some other books too.

you should read diversely, but if there’s a genre you don’t like and you know you’ll rate those books low no matter what, you should consider not reading those so you don’t put off others who see your reviews

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Again, I know who sent this one and I’ll expand on this because they wrote it in the most confusing way (@ them, you know you did!). You should definitely broaden the scope of what you read (“diversely”), but if you know it’s a genre or an author that you won’t like, why put yourself through that? And have people see the book and not want to read it because you rated it lowly, despite it being completely your personal preference?

People on the internet shouldn’t care what other people do with their own books. It is so funny to me to see viral posts about what one person decides to do with their own books (write in/on them, take them to the bath/shower, stuff like that) and how terrible what they’re doing is. Who cares??

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Yeah, I agree! I mean, I hate seeing it but also as long as they only do this to their books, who cares. Also, I think this was sent around the time that tiktok of a person literally taking their books with them into the shower was going viral, so I just wanted to say that I think they just did all that for the views lmao. It’s like those horrible cooking tiktoks where they make everything on their kitchen counter. Some people just do ridiculous things for the views!

Rick Riordan gets put on a pedestal for being a good white ally by people who spend more time praising his allyship than they do supporting the authors of color he’s an ally to.

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I don’t fully agree with that theory that’s like “oh he’s played this long con by making his books so white and then launching an imprint for authors of color” because I just strongly doubt you could plan for that kind of success. However, I do think it’s good of him to use his platform to support and uplift authors of color.

That being said though, I agree that people praise him for being an ally WAY too much. Like, I know that this man was a huge part of your childhood, but put your money where your mouth is and actually read and support the authors / buy the books that his imprint is putting out!

Charlie Bowater is overrated with a case of same face syndrome and should be passed over in favor of illustrators of color when it comes to creating the covers of books by authors of color.

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Hope I don’t get called out for posting this (after people [and a “beloved” author] decided to harass a Black blogger for saying a similar thing!)! I’m not an artist, so I can’t say much about the “same face syndrome” but you have to admit that all of her covers are much too similar.

i didn’t really like legendborn because of the love triangle and sel as a person. i especially don’t like how bree was terrified of him in the beginning like it’s not enemies to lovers, it’s just a white boy terrorizing a black girl. but i REALLY liked the rest of the book but sadly i hated all the characters except bree lmao. i also don’t really like the henna wars and was bummed because i was excited for it bc i hated the love interest who never really acknowledged or apologized to the protag that cultural appropriation was wrong despite her being a person of color.

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Okay, I somewhat disagree with the Legendborn thing but partially agree with The Henna Wars one.

I could see what you mean about the Legendborn thing, but, knowing that the author intentionally subverted so many tropes, I don’t really think that’s what she intended? That’s just my interpretation though. Personally I really liked Sel because I’m a sucker for that character archetype, but yeah I agree in that there were way too many characters to really like all of them.

The Henna Wars was definitely a bit messier than I think a lot of people talk about. I enjoyed it, but I agree that it was weird that we didn’t dive in deeper with that (although I don’t fully remember the entire book).

darklina had no chemistry in the books 💀

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You have come to the right person with this opinion because I completely agree! I’ve BEEN saying this okay!! I’m not even gonna say more because people are gonna @ me and I do not have the patience to deal with this 2012 discourse.

people need to stop comparing the gilded wolves and soc, they’re completely different stories

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I mean, yeah, that’s part of my entire brand. Like, I wrote a whole post on it and also one time I got this as a result for a “which book twitter discourse are you?” quiz.

booktwt has so much drama its annoying, and a lot of people care more about fictional discourse vs actually issues in the world 😦

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Definitely agree. It’s always so revealing when they choose to ignore real world issues in favor of beginning some meaningless and tired discourse.

darklina stans are so annoying about being the “superior” ship like no the superior ship was alina and her powers

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Yeah, remember the possibility of dark Alina…anyways I’m fine with the ending of the series but yes I will always agree that darklina stans are so annoying. (Also! people need to learn their history: it’s ALARKLING !! only og grisha stans know!!)

This might not be that unpopular of an opinion, but I feel like people should stop badgering their white faves for “good rep” and use that energy to focus on and uplift authors of color.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

This should not be unpopular lmao but it kinda is sadly. People would rather complain about these books but never talk about books by authors of color.

average bipoc books *can* be given a slightly higher rating just because they have a bipoc representation.

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I’m. not sure if you mean this in a good or bad way. I think it’s somewhat true? But like, if people are going to rate a book higher because they saw themselves in it, can you really blame them?

unpopular opinion: booktwt describes lots of books using just tropes and putting too much focus on it ends up ruining my expectations for the ships or story

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No, see, I used to disagree with this sentiment but as time goes on…I definitely agree. I’m trying to take a step back from doing this (hyping a book because of one trope or a singular romance) and unfortunately, sometimes that harms my ability to create a “snappy” tweet that pulls people in.

the gilded wolves continues to be very under-hyped

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Okay, yes, I agree that it should be more popular, but can we agree that The Gilded Wolves is one of the more popular series right now in the book community? As much as I want more people to read it, you can’t deny the popularity it’s gained over the past two years.

What are your (un)popular opinions? Do you have anything to say about the ones that were sent in?

7 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: I react to your (un)popular opinions”

  1. When I hear/read the phrase “read diversely,” I think of racial, LGBT+, and mental health representation, not genres. If I don’t want to read a genre, I won’t read it. I don’t care if that means I’m not a well-rounded reader. I like what I like.


  2. Adarkling??? I thought it was Alarkling? Lol. Anyways, I love the potential of dark Alina, but I also agree that Alina and her power is the superior ship! I really wish she didn’t end up with anyone but over the years I learned to appreciate the ending haha.

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  3. Oh yeah The Gilded Wolves is definitely a series I see often on my feed on bookstagram. I think this is a popular opinion: books by authors of color sometimes don’t get a lot of promotion from their publishers. For example, I’ve been on a few street teams where most of the promotion I see is from readers and not the publisher. I think there’s room for improvement for the publishing industry. (I don’t know if I worded this correctly.)

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  4. I’ve been SAYING that thing about screaming at white favs to include aaaall the things in their books, meanwhile, no one checks out BIPOC authors whose identity aligns with their characters and the setting they use for their books. Like, I do get it (on a level) because hell, sometimes you read books where everything is great but you’re just REALLY missing even just one (1) character who’s not a white cishet person. And it sucks. But telling white authors to include All The RepTM is (partially) what’s pushing them to just include (Q)BIPOC characters for the fuck of it and not because they did adequate research on anything? If you want GOOD rep, look for people from that background because I can guarantee you’re gonna find at least SOMETHING there.


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