LIST: books by authors of color

Hey, remember a month ago when someone on book stan twitter had the nerve to say that books by authors of color aren’t popular because we (people of color) don’t hype them up enough? Basically invalidating the existence and efforts of so many bloggers of color, including me? Yeah, that was fun.

So because I was so upset by that, I compiled a long thread of books by authors of color. That got messy, so I decided to compile the thread into a series of posts on my blog, and here we are: here’s a list of books by authors of color!

And bonus! This is an on-going masterpost of books because there are SO MANY books by authors of color that I had to stop myself from researching more because I really do have things I need to do. I’m also primarily a blogger/reader of young adult novels, so this list is a bit heavier on those.

You can submit books that I have missed in the form below, and you can notify me of any incorrect entries I have in another form. I’m only human (and I also compiled this list in a slap-dash manner) so please let me know of any mistakes! Please note that I am a student, and I’m anticipating a lot of submissions, so it may take some time for me to make updates to these posts. I plan on doing them in batches, but even then, those may take a while.

I have separated the books into countries/general categories and then split those into age range and genre.

Here’s the original thread:


Here’s a search bar if you want to see if a certain book is already listed. However, this will search my entire blog (there’s no way to narrow it down, sadly), but it shouldn’t be too hard to find the book if it is listed already.


There are a million books that I haven’t read, and I had to stop researching for the sake of my sanity, so submit any titles that I missed below!


I haven’t read a lot of these books, so some of the listed representation may be wrong or vague. Please submit any corrections to these books! Note that: New submissions should be submitted in the form above, not this one. You can also contact me by email here.


Color Outside the Lines edited by Sangu Mandannarep: ownvoices protagonists of color
genre: contemporary
authors: Anna-Marie McLemore, Danielle Paige, Lauren Gibaldi, Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas, L.L. McKinney, Lori M. Lee, Sangu Mandanna, Samira Ahmed, Caroline Tung Richmond, Tara Sim, Karunma Riazi, Michelle Ruiz Keil, Elsie Chapman, Eric Smith, Lydia Kang, Adam Silvera
A Thousand Beginnings and Endings edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapmanrep: East, South, and Southeast Asian inspiration
genre: fantasy
authors: Roshani Chokshi, Alyssa Wong, Lori M. Lee, Sona Charaipotra, Aliette de Bodard, E.C. Myers, Aisha Saeed, Preeti Chhibber, Renée Ahdieh, Rahul Kanakia, Melissa de la Cruz, Elsie Chapman, Shveta Thakrar, Cindy Pon, Julie Kagawa
Hungry Hearts: 13 Tales of Food & Love edited by Caroline Tung Richmond and Elsie Chapmanrep: ownvoices protagonists of color
genre: contemporary
authors: Sangu Mandana, Elsie Chapman, Sandhya Menon, Rin Chupeco, Adi Alsaid, Caroline Tung Richmond, Jay Coles, Rebecca Roanhorse, Karuna Riazi, Phoebe North, S.K. Ali, Sara Farizan, Anna-Marie McLemore

4 thoughts on “LIST: books by authors of color”

  1. Oh my God Michelle THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. I wasn’t necessarily fully ‘aware’ of how this mess started because I hate Twitter and I’m never on it, but I know the gist of it and it’s just extremely annoying to see people say that kind of stuff. I will definitely be bookmarking this list and referring it to others!

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