TOUR / REVIEW: Bone Crier’s Moon by Kathryn Purdie


**I received an ARC for this blog tour. These are my honest opinions, and in no way was I compensated for this review.**

bone crier's moon cover

Book: Bone Crier’s Moon (Bone Grace #1) by Kathryn Purdie

Release Date: March 3, 2020

My Rating: 3.5 stars

Summary: Bone ​Criers have a sacred duty. They alone can keep the dead from preying on the living. But their power to ferry the spirits of the dead into goddess Elara’s Night Heavens or Tyrus’s Underworld comes from sacrifice. The gods demand a promise of dedication. And that promise comes at the cost of the Bone Criers’ one true love.

Ailesse has been prepared since birth to become the matriarch of the Bone Criers, a mysterious famille of women who use strengths drawn from animal bones to ferry dead souls. But first she must complete her rite of passage and kill the boy she’s also destined to love.

Bastien’s father was slain by a Bone Crier and he’s been seeking revenge ever since. Yet when he finally captures one, his vengeance will have to wait. Ailesse’s ritual has begun and now their fates are entwined—in life and in death.

Sabine has never had the stomach for the Bone Criers’ work. But when her best friend Ailesse is taken captive, Sabine will do whatever it takes to save her, even if it means defying their traditions—and their matriarch—to break the bond between Ailesse and Bastien. Before they all die.

I’m lucky enough to be a part of the blog tour for Bone Crier’s Moon today! My stop includes my review and my favorite quotes. Be sure to check out the giveaway and the rest of the tour, schedule below!

With divine gifts, they lure, they kill.

This book has been on my radar for so long because of that cover! It’s so ethereal; I can’t stop looking at it. Bone Crier’s Moon was a thrilling read with wonderful worldbuilding and great characters.

The worldbuilding was really detailed. I found the mythology of the Bone Criers incredibly well thought out, and I liked that we’re introduced to it gradually over the course of the book without any info-dumping. (Also, this is the French-based world that I didn’t get in a certain other high profile release.)

There are three protagonists, which made the pacing of this book much faster. Ailesse is the confident heir to the matrone of the Bone Criers; she’s ready to complete her final ritual and become a full-fledged Ferrier, a Bone Crier who helps lead the dead to either heaven or hell. Sabine is her steadfast friend, who is considerably less enthralled in the rituals that are necessary to be a Bone Crier. Bastien is seeking revenge for his father, who was killed by a Bone Crier years ago.

Your death is mine. The gods will make sure of it.

The plot begins when Bastien appears at Ailesse’s amoure ritual, intent on killing her and getting revenge for his father’s death. It all goes downhill from this, as neither of their plans go as they wanted. Bastien takes her hostage, and Sabine vows to save her.

Honestly though, all of the points-of-view sounded the same, voice-wise. It was difficult to tell the difference between who we were following, especially because they’re all in first person. They were also all very single-minded; all of their characters can be summed up in one sentence: Ailesse is dedicated to achieving her final ritual; Bastien wants revenge; and Sabine wants to save Ailesse. So yeah, all of this got kinda old, especially Sabine’s chapters because literally every other chapter she was like, I will save you, Ailesse! without much happening. I just wish she had more of a plot line other than that, but this will probably change in the next book.

The plot was really fast-paced, and I could never tell what was going to happen next. The romance was nice; this is an enemies-to-lovers book, but I’ll admit that transition from enemies to lovers happened too quickly without much development for my tastes.

This is the boy the gods chose for me, and I’ve killed him already, just by playing a song.

Overall, though, Bone Crier’s Moon was a good fantasy with amazing worldbuilding and lovely characters. It just wasn’t my favorite, personally, but I do think a lot of people will love this book. I’m excited to see what will happen in the next book though!

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Believe every story you hear.

We’re both staring at our destiny. Certain death. But I won’t be the one to die.

Now your soul is mine in life and in death. If you kill me, you’ll die with me.

Your gods aren’t my gods, Bone Crier. They don’t speak to me. They sure as hell don’t dictate my life.

The gods have nothing to do with us. We don’t have to play their game.

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About the Author: Kathryn Purdie is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the BURNING GLASS series. Her love of storytelling began as a young girl when her dad told her about someone named Boo Radley while they listened to the film score of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Kathryn is a trained classical actress who studied at the Oxford School of Drama. She also writes songs on her guitar for each of her stories and shares them on her website. Kathryn lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and three children.

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  • PRIZE: 1 of 3 signed hardcover copies of Bone Crier’s Moon, a set of 2 character bookmarks, and a 11×17 poster of the book cover (US only)
  • OPEN FROM: March 4 to March 18

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