SUMMARY: october

After I hit the reading rut that was September, I’m happy to say that I bounced back and read more than <10 books! October had so many great releases, and I’m starting to make a dent in all my 2020 ARC’s. This month, I read 18 books, which means only 25 more books to beat my reading challenge last year.

Also, read on to find out more about my time at Texas Teen Book Festival! I had so much fun there; book festivals are always the best.


* = reread
bolded = favorite
underlined = ARC
ya unless otherwise noted

★★★★½ The How & the Why by Cynthia Hand (watch out for my blog tour stop!)
★★★★½ Cloudwish by Fiona Wood *
★★★½☆ The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa (adult) (watch out for my review!)
★★★★¼ The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee (watch out for my review!)
★★★¾☆ We Used to Be Friends by Amy Spalding (watch out for my review!)
★★★★½ Summer Skin by Kirsty Eagar * (new adult)
★★★★½ Sick Kids in Love by Hannah Moskowitz (watch out for my review!)
★★★½☆ Marriage on Madison Avenue by Lauren Layne (adult) (watch out for my review!)
★★★½☆ Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore (adult)
★★★½☆ The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller (watch out for my review!)
★★★½☆ Our Wayward Fate by Gloria Chao
★★★★½ Song of the Crimson Flower by Julie C. Dao (watch out for my review / blog tour stop!)
★★★★¼ Find Me Their Bones by Sara Wolf (watch out for my review!)
★★★★★ A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer (watch out for my revew!)
★★★★½ A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer (watch out for my review!)
★★★¾☆ Five Dark Fates by Kendare Blake
★★★★½ Here’s Looking at You by Mhairi McFarlane *
★★★★¼ The Last True Poets of the Sea by Julia Drake



bolded = most anticipated
*** = have the ARC / read and will be reviewed
ya unless otherwise noted


I got to attend Texas Teen Book Festival earlier this month! It was super fun meeting the authors of some of my favorite books and being around other bookish people. I’m looking forward to the next one (and hopefully NTTBF in March)!

I was lucky enough to get ARCs for The Shadows between Us by Tricia Levenseller and Time of Our Lives by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka! Tricia was there as well, so I got that ARC signed, and I also met and got books signed by Kat Cho, Katy Rose Pool, and Mary H.K. Choi. I also spoke with Sandhya Menon for a little, which was great because I’m on her street team!

You can read my reviews for Wicked Fox by Kat Cho, There Will Come a Darkness by Katy Rose Pool, and Permanent Record by Mary H.K. Choi now, as well as an interview I did with Katy Rose Pool.

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